Top Secrets to Winning International Scholarships

Are you seeking for top secrets to winning international scholarships? you have come to the right site. An adage says that, if one is not informed, he or she is deformed.

Winning an International Scholarship entails hard work.

To ensure you secure an abroad scholarship, it entails that you will be focused and hardworking. Most times you will have to apply to as many scholarships as possible, so as not to put your eggs in one basket. Most times you have to set up a schedule for the scholarship application. If you need some motivation, you check your present environment and compare it with pictures of the future you wish to have. Winning an international scholarship could be the only way out.

Have a Detailed List of the Scholarship Requirements You Qualify For.

You can start with the scholarship requirements in your home country, then you will check for the requirements for an international scholarship. Who is eligible. Countries that are eligible. Visit the scholarship providers website to have first-hand information on the deadline and other important information. Visit search engines like google and search  “study abroad + undergraduate/masters/PhD + scholarship + country/language/major” . With this, you will be provided with a lot of options.

Have a Clear Understanding of the Scholarship Provider’s Goal and Values.

Before applying for any scholarship, read through the host website. Then you will be opportune to see their mission statement, goals and values. Make sure you understand these and also note the necessary keywords that are used. With these criteria, you will be guided on how to write your essay and make an appealing scholarship application.

Also go through their FAQ, to have a clearer understanding about them and go through the profiles of their past winners. Also, study the part where they explained how students will be evaluated. These will give you am an edge over others.

Consider Studying in Less-visited Countries.

Studies have shown that students that apply for scholarships to countries that are not commonly visited have greater chances of securing the scholarship. Instead of joining the queue that applies for a scholarship in Europe, you could just apply in Asia. On a scale of 1000 that applies for a scholarship in Germany, your chances will be 1:1000, while in Japan, your chances would be 1:300.

Appealing Essay Tip: Generic Statements Should be Avoided.

While writing your essay, ensure that you personalized your stories. Always ensure that statements like ” I have always had an interest in Australia” or “I love the culture of China” is avoided. Develop personal and interesting stories of how you befriended a German girl in high school. Always ensure that your kind of story flows only in your mouth. If anyone reads your essay and claims ownership of it, then you need to change it with elements that are particular to you.

Always Include a Plan to Give Back to the Society.

Even if the scholarship does not require it, ensure you include a plan to give back to the society with the knowledge you will gather when you secure the scholarship. Always ensure that the plan is what you can easily follow up. Plans like this are highly appreciated by scholarship providers.

Great Recommendation is One of the Top Secrets to Winning International Scholarship.

Reach out to your lectures, Professors and other possible references early enough and get their verbal endorsement.

Also ensure that you deliver to them a package of short written information about the scholarship, information about yourself, why you are qualified for the scholarship and your resume. These will enable them to write a good recommendation letter if they are contacted.

Re-check the Application Requirements and Eligibility.

Many students have missed out on scholarships because they forgot one requirement or the other. Before submitting your application, ensure that you met each of the requirements. Always talk about your leadership experience and community involvement if they are required. This is one of the top secrets to winning international scholarships.

Have a Hard copy and Read it Out Loud.

Studies have shown that it is hard to proofread on the screen. Once you are done with your essay and resume. Endure that you print it and read it all out word for word from the hard copy. Do the same to your application letter and correct the grammatical errors and typographical errors. With the hard copy, you edit the soft copy and repeat the process again, until there are no errors.

Early Application is Important.

Even though there is no indicated preference for early applicants, ensure you apply early. Always know that all the applications are being reviewed by human beings who have other engagements. Once the deadline has reached, they may start skimming through the applications without giving adequate attention to the stories. You have the best opportunity to win when someone gives a thorough read to your application and relates your appealing story to their organizational goals and values.

Be Persistent.

Always apply for as many scholarships as possible. This is one of the top secrets to winning international scholarships. Once you are done applying for one scholarship, repurpose your essay and recommendations and apply for other opportunities. Always feel free to contact us and drop your comments using the comment box.

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